Nearly yearly update Posted: 2015.02.02

For half a year already, I have a new job. Graphics software engineer at Intel in Gdańsk. Yep. I'm writing shader compilers for our GPU. Talk about cool job :) It's not gamedev... but it doesn't really matter. I'm using low level C++, working in huuge codebases, using git and linux terminal (and dozens of other tools), cooperating with some really kickass coders (ie. Adam Sawicki), I learn a lot and earn nice money (+benefits). What else would I want? Oh, and the commute is not that bad.

Obviously that means that my Koshmaar Games studio took an arrow in the knee, in the time that I can spent on it. It's very limited now, but I'm not abandoning it, I'm still working on Ninja Cat Powerpack.

The other news is that again I took part in Global Game Jam, this time first time outside Kraków and its KrakJam. Because I moved to Gdansk, I took part in very well organised Tricity Game Jam. I created solo game of realtime Checkers. (news WIP)

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