Comments on homepage commenting system and jquery Posted: 2009.09.18

After about 3 weeks of mild work, hereby I declare my homepage commenting system done. It's rather flexible and secure (no, please don't try to hack it :P ), with cool admin panel and now that it's finished, I'll have time to do next thing on my todo list. Man, even though occasionaly sth gets completed and erased from it, continously I find so many new exciting things, so the damn thing is getting longer and longer every month :->

While working on the comment system, I've learned OOP in PHP, few new CSS elements, did some javascript and... found out the beautiful jquery library! I'm really amazed at the abilities of this little thing, coding style it promotes, simple yet informative documentation (rare treat), and last but not least, great looking homepage with good tutorials.

Currently I'm reading the very first Dune novel by Frank Herbert. The book is certainly different from other, more mainstream scifi stories, but also definitely captivating (but such an avid Dune2 player as me couldn't feel different), and the Dune universe is very thought and imagination provoking.

Btw, have you noticed how many great, classic sagas (not limited to books) use the element of royal family, prophecy of long awaited magic child who would become saviour/prophet, epic conflict between clans/races (from which one is clearly evil) prolonged for hundreds of years, secret assasain/women organisations, entangling of past, present and future in visions (sometimes caused by narcotics), super-humans who are able to perform incredible things/are amazingly well trained fighters etc etc. Witcher, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dune... is it an accident??

Last thing, I was asked by my acquaintance Andrzej Pasinski to spread some news about his current project, Oozi game. The team has experience in those kinds of games, so I'd say they'll create sth playable =)

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