Music plays important part in my life. There's no day without listening to it at least for several hours. I'm a die hard fan of rock and metal, I also listen to some grunge, pop-rock, rock n' roll, blues and the like. I have gigabytes of music on my hard drive and dozens of audio CDs on shelf. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to concentrate only on listening to music, therefore, I make the music play in the background and do some other stuff.

Since my discovering the joys of playing the guitar, I'm wholeheartedly dedicated to this instrument. What a shame it happened only 2 years ago, when already I was busy with programming, not when I was younger and actually had time to play. To the parents out there: do your children a favour and make them interested in music-making as early as possible (but for heaven's sake don't force it) - they may live their whole life without realising how much they missed. And if we're already discussing it, what about you? Do you play any instrument? If not, at least give a try to one of them and/or listen one of good friends playing alive, and ask him how he feels...

As for me, I own two instruments: one is classic guitar made by Everplay, that I've been using for the last year (it's to the left on the picture). Cheap and pretty average, targeted at beginner guitarists that are making their first steps in the realm of music-making, not sure what they want and whether they'll still be playing after a month. When they finally decide that playing is for them, they should buy better instrument, that will allow for further skills development.

I also faced this situation... and guess what. Recently I bought new Garrison AG 200 (to the right on the picture)! There's no comparison with my former guitar, Garrison surpasses it in every aspect by leaps and bounds. AG 200 is acoustic guitar, which means the box is bigger, strings are made of steel, 14 frets are easily available (there's no cutaway in this model) as opposed to 12 in classic guitars.

It uses patented Garrison technology (much praised Garrison Active Top Bracing system), and experienced guitarists claim that guitars with this system implemented sounds better than those without it, but which are twice as expensive! I can't really tell it's true since I held only few acoustics in my life and have nothing to compare with. But what's important to me is that AG 200 produces much louder, better resonating and more metallic sound than old Everplay. In short: it just sounds great.

This guy has great feeling, I want to play at least that good.


Some links from my collection. I'm mostly self tought, and they helped me much in learning theory behind music, playing, proper excercising etc. Odds they'll also help you :-)


How to play and exercise effectively

Here's list of advices from many authoritative sources that I collected over total time I learn to play guitar, coupled with my own tips. If you stay loyal to them, you won't waste time.

This man blows my head off with his singing talent and his voice.

Same as above. Guy performs one of the classic songs during singing contest (which he won), and many say that he sang it better than original author.

There's plenty of software for guitar players. I'd recommend for you to learn at least using Guitar Pro 5. A few of those of which I came across:

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