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This is a homepage of Hubert Rutkowski (nickname Koshmaar), individual who specializes in computer game programming. This site is mainly an online portfolio of the  games I created  and  other remains of past work as a coder , shows the state of  current projects  plus tells something  more personal  about me :-) and my other hobbies...

xXx - top secret organization to which I belong!

...since I'm not the typical geek who spends all day in front of the computer programming, playing games and watching porn movies ;-) this homepage features page with art related stuff and  a little gallery  of my sketches, while  music section  is devoted to... music (duh), playing guitar, singing and learning them. Comparing to programming, I suck at all of art activities, though I'm constantly learning new things, getting better and plan to continue doing it till the end, whatever it means for me...


Nearly yearly update Posted: 2015.02.02

For half a year already, I have a new job. Graphics software engineer at Intel in Gdańsk. Yep. I'm writing shader compilers for our GPU. Talk about cool job :) It's not gamedev... but it doesn't really matter. I'm using low level C++, working in huuge codebases, using git and linux terminal (and dozens of other tools), cooperating with some really kickass coders (ie. Adam Sawicki), I learn a lot and earn nice money (+benefits). What else would I want? Oh, and the commute is not that bad.

Obviously that means that my Koshmaar Games studio took an arrow in the knee, in the time that I can spent on it. It's very limited now, but I'm not abandoning it, I'm still working on Ninja Cat Powerpack.

The other news is that again I took part in Global Game Jam, this time first time outside Kraków and its KrakJam. Because I moved to Gdansk, I took part in very well organised Tricity Game Jam. I created solo game of realtime Checkers. (news WIP)

Smallish update Posted: 2014.03.22

Despite being very busy with finishing Ninja Cat PowerPack and preparing to Pixel Heaven 2014, today I have made few changes to website. First, I changed the logo - you can see the difference here:

I have added the Merge Splitter game, which has been created at latest KrakJam 2014.

Also, I want to share my facebook Koshmaar Games fanpage - you can "like it" to be updated about new games, Ninja Cat additions etc.

A small update Posted: 2014.01.22

Preparing to KrakJam 2014, I have updated the Events/jams page. Here goes the mandatory, epic awesome KrakJam poster:

As for the changes, first I moved the huge IGK gallery to its own subpgage. Second I added a Virgin Delivery, a game that I have jammed on KrakJam 2013. Better late then never :) Also did some cleaning/de-spamming on the backend side.

You can check out the changes here.

Btw, the PowerPack crowdfunding has been successfully finished and now I'm concentrating on making the actual game.

Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs - PowerPack Posted: 2013.10.29

I have started a crowdfunding project for a extension to Ninja Cat. By doing this I want to significantly improve the game, without taking more financial risks (just like I wrote in postmortem, this game didn’t pay for itself). I love it very much and would like to continue working on it, because game has a lot more potential. By using crowdfunding portal like, this is possible.

What is the deal, what I want to offer in PowerPack and other stuff - all on video (including english subtitles!):

Obviously by backing the project you also get some cool gadgets:

1. T-shirt
2. Sticker
3. Mug
4. Bookmark
5. Poster, format A3 (29 x 42 cm)

You can help to make this dream come true - please back me up or spread the news around. Thank you!

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