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IGK 2010

My photos from IGK 2010 conference which happend in Siedlce, Poland.

Official start

This time we had IGK not at the blue board-room, but at rector's office of Akademia Podlaska. People were slooowly coming in

Piotr Walczyszyn

Adobe evangelist talking about AIR

Tomasz Rojek

Another Adobe guy, this time talking about crazy games ;)

Jaroslaw Kulik

The Farm 51's presentation about interfaces in games

End of IGK Day one

... but that was just the beginning of (after)party!

so called 'reapers' ^^

Tomasz Dabrowski

During his presentation about explicit multisampling in deferred shading (I understood about 1% of it) Windows 7 suddenly decided to hibernate (laptop battery was running low) and we saw this lovely blue screen (of death?) ;]

Pawel Szczerbuk

WebGL, html5+canvas, ajax, javascript - future of world wide web?

Piotr Wroblewski, Jaroslaw Koszela

Two guys from outside gd world doing a presentation about combat simulations in military. They had a lot of questions from audience and were chosen as the best presentation at IGK.

handsome guys from IT world

At the very beginning of second day of IGK we heard about the death of Polish president in airplaine crash... one of the ways it manifested and influenced our little conference was that some people became hungry and thirsty as a result of closed shops

Bunnies Can Code

my compo team during design night + outsider

so called 'master of the third plane'... and maybe of second and first too ;)

List of compo teams


Presentations of games created during compo

Rzeznicy Inc

Ja sem tvoj tatinek

KNTG Polygon

newcomers from Warsow

Klapek z prawej nogi

Compo finals

they were crazy, loud and full of laughter (which this picture doesn't show in any way)

Jury testing compo games

Counting votes for best compo game

Bunnies Can Code

We were second! from the end... epic fail ;] and epic (staged) photo

Full Frontal Nudity

my laptop's internals... after removing half of screws and stuff

On Sunday evening officially IGK has ended...

... yet the unofficial afterparty with integration, LAN game tournaments in Quake 3, Starcraft and Soldat and massive multiplayer coding has just begun! and stood strong until late in the night


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