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As far as I can remember, I was always drawing on school lessons little pictures on the edge of exercise book. My parents both are educated in arts and encouraged me to draw and gave me little hints how to do it better. My first contact with computer graphics was in primary school, when out of curiosity I started playing with Corel Photopaint. Obviously I couldn't draw anything worth watching with that level of knowledge and using only mouse, but I had great time and learned many new things.

For several years I was continuing this path, making graphics for my games, www pages, drawing logos, playing with photos. In that times, I was way more into CG (Computer Graphics) than into "normal", paper art. At some time I even did some pixel art at 320 x 220 x 8bit, first in MS Paint (sic!) then in famous Gfx2. I get to know GIMP, used it for some time and it was good... till I got my hands on Photoshop CS2. My God, it was like awakening in heaven.

You noticed the part in previous paragraph about mouse? The reality is, you don't know what it is to draw on computer till you abandon mouse and get yourself tablet. The ability to draw on the computer in the same way as on paper and with recognition of different pressure levels is powerful. I own Wacom Graphire4 A5 tablet and use it in everyday computer work, not only when drawing. I honestly encourage everyone to do the same - holding tablet 'pencil' in hand is much less stressful to hand than using mouse, you're less likely to suffer from RSI - and I'm not the only one whose hands stopped hurting. They're not expensive, for about 200$ you should get good A5 tablet.

Currently I'm trying to learn drawing portraits. Some time ago I presented here my own works, but now I know how lame and ugly they were, and I won't show here anything till I'll have something really nice. Meanwhile, you can take a look at my sketchbook:



After decision to learn how to better draw on paper, I thought that at beginning it might be good to give a solid warmup to hand and eye, and so I started copying photos. What you see below, are those copied sketches, which means that usually I tried to copy some existing picture (or photo), originally made by someone else, as precisely as possible.

(those are previews - click to open full size version)



Some links to sites that contain a lot of useful information's on how to draw.


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