Here are some games that I co-created on IGK, WGK and KrakJam compo (game programming competition - small teams writing games in 8h/48h, starting almost from scratch). That's the best place to confront your ideas on how good you are in programming with reality. Year and year again I learn how much still I suck and how much there is to learn.

Checkers From Hell

How would you play a checkers game with a naughty sister who doesn't obey the rules? What would you do when she moves few pieces at a time? Or moves pieces backwards? Or moves... your pieces?! You can try to play by the original rules... or play by her rules! Enter this real time checkers simulation, with rules changing wildly every 16 seconds. Welcome to... Checkers from Hell!

I spent 6h from the weekend on another event (company party), wasted about 3.5 hours trying to run game on android tablet/phone (recent bug commited to haxe made this impossible), and spent also quite a lot of time learning Haxe and some libraries, installing compiler and tools (first use of Gimp after years), configuring laptop and babun... so bearing this all in mind, I'm quite happy with the resultant game.

Play it in browser here!

GGJ theme this year: What do we do now?

I implemented this theme by having the rules change every 16 seconds, effectively changing "what do we do now". Interesting: the game in current state doesn't enforce the rules. Players have to cooperate to make it work... or don't cooperate for even more fun.

Diversifiers used: Noise generator - "The mechanic of the game is based on players having to stay in constant communication with each other."

  • Tech: haxe, haxeFlixel, Nape
  • Tools: FlashDevelop, Gimp, Firefox, git, babun (preconfigured cygwin shell under windows)
  • Resources: cgTextures, cheri liney font (free for personal use), music "Silver UFOs" by "Spinning Clocks" (free jazz tune)
  • based on haxe demo
  • Github project:
  • GGJ project:
  • License: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 version of the Creative Commons (
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