Here are some games that I co-created on IGK, WGK and KrakJam compo (game programming competition - small teams writing games in 8h/48h, starting almost from scratch). That's the best place to confront your ideas on how good you are in programming with reality. Year and year again I learn how much still I suck and how much there is to learn.

Checkers From Hell

How would you play a checkers game with a naughty sister who doesn't obey the rules? What would you do when she moves few pieces at a time? Or moves pieces backwards? Or moves... your pieces?! You can try to play by the original rules... or play by her rules! Enter this real time checkers simulation, with rules changing wildly every 16 seconds. Welcome to... Checkers from Hell!

I spent 6h from the weekend on another event (company party), wasted about 3.5 hours trying to run game on android tablet/phone (recent bug commited to haxe made this impossible), and spent also quite a lot of time learning Haxe and some libraries, installing compiler and tools (first use of Gimp after years), configuring laptop and babun... so bearing this all in mind, I'm quite happy with the resultant game.

Play it in browser here!

GGJ theme this year: What do we do now?

I implemented this theme by having the rules change every 16 seconds, effectively changing "what do we do now". Interesting: the game in current state doesn't enforce the rules. Players have to cooperate to make it work... or don't cooperate for even more fun.

Diversifiers used: Noise generator - "The mechanic of the game is based on players having to stay in constant communication with each other."

  • Tech: haxe, haxeFlixel, Nape
  • Tools: FlashDevelop, Gimp, Firefox, git, babun (preconfigured cygwin shell under windows)
  • Resources: cgTextures, cheri liney font (free for personal use), music "Silver UFOs" by "Spinning Clocks" (free jazz tune)
  • based on haxe demo
  • Github project:
  • GGJ project:
  • License: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 version of the Creative Commons (

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Merge Splitter

KrakJam 2014 - I was again in two man team with pro graphic artist Mariusz Siergiejew, and as Pixel Twisters we did nice puzzle-decision-abstract game in flash. For a long time I was dreaming about making such a game. You can play it by clicking TV below:

Instruction how to play can be heard in game, but it’s a little unclear so I paste it here as well:

The game is about balancing the amount of news you believe in TV. Too much means you become naive, too little and you become conspiracy theorist.

Let’s move to game – you are the mason’s triangle. You jump from news to news by pointing with the mouse cursor and pressing left mouse key. Your task is to balance the number and size of news on the screen. It can’t be too much or too little.

You can see how well are you doing by the indicators on the right – they should stay near green zone. Click at the news on which your triangle is staying and it will be broken into two, which will start shrinking. Press right mouse key pointing another news – you’ll merge it with the one on which you’re staying, and the newly merged news will start expanding. On the other hand, moving from news to news makes the previous one start shrinking.

The TV news broadcast lasts for 20 minutes – you can see the number on screen. Stay alive that long and you’ll win the game :) By this you’ll also become aware how much time you waste by watching TV.

By pressing button in the top right of TV set, you can look behind the scenes of TV news preparation. There reaction time flows much slower, but the TV time flows much faster. Also, you can use only the one special power (merge or split) which you have used the most in the standard mode. Press F2 or F11 for fullscreen… and good luck!

Overall that was my 5th KrakJam, and 3rd in which I jammed. The event took place at Krakowski Park Technologiczny, and broke record of the most participants ever: (around, I don’t have official number) 55.

  • Technologies: ActionScript3 / Flash, Flixel, Nape (physics)
  • Tools: Blender, Photoshop, Audacity
  • GGJ site:

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Virgin Delivery

I took part in KrakJam 2013 with a friend Mariusz, a professional arist, and we created little funny game. It tells the story of Igor, classic-hunchback, whoose Master needs to eat virgins to live.

And so Igor has a never ending task of brining him virgins… but he needs to check to be sure… you know what I mean ;) And so you can imagine the game’s going to have quite dark taste of humor.

The theme of the Global Game Jam 2013 was a sound of a beating hart. We incorporated that by giving Master a big read heart, with thundering beating sound. Not too clever, I agree :)

Play it now! In the browser.

How to play: you have to go down to find a virgin, then jump on her head (using arrow DOWN button), then walk beside her and press ENTER. If you press HOME, you will release her (you can again jump on her etc). If you have a virgin, take her to Master at the top, and wait a while at the altar - when Igor stopped moving, it means the sacrifice has begun.

But not every women is virgin, and in that case Master will eat also Igor (who is a virgin :P) to make up for the mistake. Currently there's no way to distinguish between virigns... that was meant to be a mini game, but we lacked time.

Summary: I really hope to one day finish this game concept to a full blown, polished commercial game. Hopefully I can also bring it to mobiles. If you're interested you can track progress on this project here.

  • Technologies: ActionScript3 / Flash, Flixel
  • Tools: Dame (level editor), Blender, Photoshop
  • GGJ site:

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Panzer Sushi Knight

You are a ninja! There is a mountain! And lava! Be quick, or be dead... unless you copy yourself, then you have a backup life.

A game created in 48h at KrakJam 2012. This year at GGJ the theme was connected with a snake eatings its tail (Ouruborus), which is a theme related to circle of life and death. So we thought about a game with ninja (cause ninjas are cool and hava ninja rope!) that could CLONE himself, and those clones would be perfectly equal, in that they can die, and as long as there is at least one, player is still alive and didn't lost any life.

Adding to that the ability to detonate clone and turn him into a part of environment, we got a hero with very interesting abilities mix. Then came protagonist - lava, that is steadily gathering at the bottom of screen. You have to jump higher and higher on the mountain, in an endless pursuit for life. And in the end you die anyways. That's a great metaphor of life.

The team consisted of 5 people: aidenn, nosferathoo, dextero, SuVe and me. We aimed for a bit old-school look, with pixelized graphics and tracker music. Game scored 4th place, just after the prize podium. Awwwww. I think we deserved to have 2nd, or at least 3rd place, but there's no point about arguing how people vote.

arrow keys - movement, targeting rope, when midair/on rope limited control of your flight
A - clone ninja
S - press and hold to fire rope
D - build platform from currently controlled ninja
F - detonate currently controlled ninja
SPACE - jump

There's also option for second player, to control lava using mouse: use left mouse button to fire lava from left or right side of the screen, in order to destroy platforms and kill ninja.

Game and team names (Zombie Bunnies from Mars) were generated by online name generator - we took the first one it suggested.

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Tankz: Mario Killer

Game made at WGK 2011, at 8h compo, in team Half Shader, consisting of raver, dejavu, Magdalena Zwolińska (yes, a real women!) and me. The title suggests tanks and Mario, when in fact it has nothing to do with that!

In this game you're a sea monster, which is supposed to eat ships floating on the surface, and avoid bombs that they are throwing at you. I don't remember what was the compo theme.

We used SFML, which gave us some technical problems at the beginning. We had to use VS 2010, yuck. What a surprise, we scored 2nd place, just after the usual winners, Rzeznicy Inc.

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Dont Kill The Babcia

Crazy game made on the IGK 2009 compo in team of: Sobol (most of the code), Slon (code && gfx), Artpoz (code && sfx && gfx) and me (some code && gfx && sfx).

This time the theme of the compo was: psychodelic game. Oh yeah! Initially we had massive problems with my framework (and with other few things like svn and net) which didn't want to compile / run, so after about 2 hours we decided to dump the framework and start from scratch using plain WinAPI + DevIL + OpenGL. Aural part of the game (which is rather rich) was coded in plain FMOD (three functions used: init FMOD, load and play sound, can't be simpler than that :-> ).

And even though the created game was unpolished n' rough n' pretty simple, we implemented all of the planned core features - success. Yet we scored 8th place out of 9 - epic fail. I think that's mostly because of the presentation which didn't describe very well what the game is about, and so people (they told me afterwards) thought it doesn't have any gameplay and is boring techdemo (without tech), while actually it is rather innovative / unusual and suprisingly deep.

Game is designed for multi player hot seat sessions. There can play up to 24 people on one keyboard (!!!) that's right, I repeat it again: up to twenty four players on one keyboard. Players join the game at special screen by pressing the key which will be temporarily bound to them.

The goal of the game is NOT to kill the babcia... ekhm sorry, grandmother. She is talking nonesense all the time, swearing at you, world, politics, students etc. and generally being as irritating and obnoxious as possible, so it's not easy NOT to kill her, especially since you just have to press one key. When the lightning hits the ground, all the keys are shuffled, and players have to quickly find their new key - pretty funny when there are > 4 players on one keyboard, adding to the mayhem.

Also, old ladies are really aggressive and from time to time they throw killer bunnies at you. You can shot them down before they harm you, but beware not to shoot more than once, thereby hurting old lady ---> loosing life. Players have to be cautious not to shoot after another player, which has the same effect ---> old lady hurt, he looses life. Yet if nobody shoots the killer bunny down, all players loose life.

Often the old ladies will pretend to be throwing the killer bunny! to harm the naive player. There's a possibility to gain additional life be shooting five... no, three killer bunnies. The game is a kind of a last man standing (last dziadek standing as we were refering to it within team): the last player with a life wins the game.

The version that is uploaded here was tweaked a little by Sobol and me after the compo.

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Heaven Under Earth

Another game written for IGK compo. This time, it was IGK 2008 and topic of competition was: "Canals - heaven under earth". I don't know who came with such outrageous topic and how much of crack they were smoking, nonetheless creating this game was big fun (as usual). Again, we had 8 hours to make a game in team of four: me, Artpoz, Qeight and Wachu.

We scored third place, which is not much since there were only 5 teams :-/ but our "game" was too immature to compete with those that made it into first 2 places. I took that "game" from compo and spent a few extra hours finishing it. Here I provide access to this modified version.

Here's the Youtube video (my first! sorry for the crappy quality) showing sample gameflow:

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Icecart Driver

Just like Duck You, this game was written for IGK 2007 COMPO, a competition in which you had to: write a game for casual players in 8 hours about "theme park". Icecart Driver was written in the same team of four programmers as the year before (Wachu, Queight, artpoz, me): Wachu was responsible for the framework, background rendering, collisions, pedastrians and general game logic, Queight did bunny icecart physics, some other things and helped Wachu, and I don't know what artpoz was doing (too busy doing my stuff) but I saw that he also was writing some code. As usual, I did all of the graphics, some game programming (Beacon class, to be specific), and little tweaked Wach's framework before competition (refactored structure, added Logger and Math utils).

We were third, out of eight teams (quite nice, IMHO :-) ), and won material prizes - Call of Juarez game (yeah!), Chrome t-shirt, Call of Juarez mug and another diploma to collection.

Note for English readers: there's readme inside, but it's written in polish. In a nutshell: while being in a them park, Krzesimir's girlfriend, Wyxorothyghultorothan, was kidnapped by evil Duck. Obviously, Krzesimir wants to rescue her, but the only way to do that is to pay ransom. In order to earn enough money (2^16 dollars), Krzesimir rides his ice cart in the theme park and sells ice cream. You have to collect all red flags to win the game.

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Duck You!

Game written for IGK 2006 COMPO, a competition in which you had to write a game in 8 hours about "labyrinth" and "fun". Duck you! was written in team of four programmers (Wachu, Queight, artpoz, me): Wachu was responsible for the framework and general game logic, Queight did rope physics, artpoz forced FMOD to play music and sounds (which were also prepared by him), I did all of the graphics and some programming.

We were second, out of nine teams (yay! :-) ), and got material prizes - C# programmers cookbook and Software Developer's Journal... not to mention cool diploma. Whole COMPO was very entertaining and fun experience, I really like such things. Note! explicit content, not for children - game contains references to actual political situation in Poland.

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KrakJam is a game jam, in which small teams of game developers try to make a game in 48h. It's a local Cracov edition of Global Game Jam, which is a global (duh!) event, taking place at the same time all over the world. All participants are constrained by the same rules and limitations. Anyone can participate in GGJ: professionals, amateurs, students etc.

I thought it would be nice to make such event at my university, and so I did it! I was responsible for almost everything - buying domain, creating logo and first version of webpage, finding other organizers and organizations that would help, searching for and negotiating with sponsors, financial and law stuff, marketing and contacts with medias, managing things at venue during whole event, buying food and prizes, designing and printing diplomas, and few other things.

That was a whole LOT of work. So after doing it two times, in 2010 and 2011, I passed the main organizer hat to friend from Shader. He organized KJ 2012, during which I was at last able to take part as a normal, game creating contestant.

Inzynieria Gier Komputerowych

It's an annual polish game programmers conference taking place in Sieldce, at Akademia Podlaska (university). I've been attending it year by year since the first edition.


I did a presentation on topic "Design of User Interfaces for interactive applications", you can find the slides here: IGK_2010_gui_slides.odp (2.29 MB, odp, downloads: 115) Some of them are in english and some are in polish, the same thing about notes (which give an idea of what I was talking about on each slide).

I also wrote an article (41 pages long!) which got me accepted to give a presentation, and it's here (polish language only): IGK_2010_gui_referat.pdf (2.73 MB, pdf, downloads: 600)

View my photos.

You can also read Reg's coverage (PL) and view his photos. Wyszo also shared his photos.


I did a presentation on topic "Software engineering in computer games in practice" (at least in theory the presentation was about that), you can find the slides here: IGK_2009_inz_slides.odp (1.11 MB, odp, downloads: 294) They're sometimes in english and sometimes in polish, the same thing about notes which give an idea of what I was talking about on each slide.

I also wrote an article which got me accepted to give a presentation, and it's here (polish language only): IGK_2009_inz_referat.pdf (785.79 KB, pdf, downloads: 320)

View photos:

Wytwarzanie Gier Komputerowych

So far happened only once in Gdansk in 2011. It proved to be very successfull conference organized by Vertex and MrKaktus. It had good lectures, plenty of integration, and a nice element of little expo, where indie teams could present the games that they are working on. I went there with friends from Shader, and obviously we took part in game compo :] somehow making it up to second place.

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