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A top secret project I'm working on with Mariusz Siergiejew :]


Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs

First commercial game that I completed, as a one man indie team. I am proud of it :)
I made everything by myself, including code, design and graphics. I used free sounds from the internet, and music track from Kostya Dolgushyn. I made one week prototype in C++, with my old engine Sculpture Clay 2.

Zombie Dinosaurs have invaded Paris! Ninja Cat needs to kill them with shurikens, katana and… keyboard. Type or die. Original idea, lots of action, addicting gameplay and polished execution.

You can play it on many game portals, including:

How to play: You don’t control the Ninja Cat. You type the letters that appear under dinosaurs. Be smart which dino you select. Select junctions to change the path on which you move. Collect powerups. Try to collect Stars… and stay alive!

Read longer how to play with tips and tricks.

Read more about the development, or press reviews:

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