I'm 31 years old, living in Poland, Gdansk. I finished studying Applied Computer Science at AGH. I have about 15 years of experience as a programmer, mostly in creating games, 3d graphics, low level C++. I had many occasions to do web development work, and recently at Intel also worked on advanced shader compiler. My interests range across such things as visual art, music, sport & nutrition, partying, reading books, watching films, travelling, business and financial stuff (to name a few).

Koshmaar with Pepsi, Pepsi and Agata - I'm the yellow one

I try to get the very best from life, an endless pursuit, which includes such activities as plenty of sport (weight training for years), martial arts (some karate and japan jujitsu, muay thai in the past), powerlifting, now judo and brazilian ju jitsu. I have also rather anti-consummerism and generally alternative approach to life.

I struggle with constant lack of time, since there are so many interesting things to do and there so many things that you MUST do (sleeping, eating, studying, making money) that take your precious time away. Nevertheless, I'm quite good at time management. I have to :)

Here's my avatar that I'm exclusively using on the web: Koshmaar's avatar

I'm very active socially. I started Shader (student organization gathering gamedev passionates at AGH) and was its first chairman. I have initiated KrakJam (team game creation competition lasting 48h) and organized it two times at AGH, other polish cities followed due with their own Global Game Jam sites. I was president of Krakow's Public Speaking Club, earlier I served as Vice President of Education. I was actively participating in local animal rights group Viva Krakow. I've started yet another organsation releated to improvisational theatre - Group of Improvising Lumberjacks.

You can find me on GoldenLine logo and LinkedIn logo and recently also on Facebook logo :]

If we know each other from real life, feel free to connect with me



You can drop me a mail: If you'd like me to write software for you, feel free to ask.

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