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Firefox3 is the best browser available - at least in my, and many other people's opinion. Sophisticated, fast, free, stable, conforming with standards, cross platform, open source, customizable and expandable, having great user interface, actively developed, used by millions - what makes extremely comprehensive support and hellovalot informations available, automatic updates in the background - what else could you possibly want... what? Firefox3 ? Ok, I know...

For me, one of the biggest advantages of FF is its expandability. In fact, I have customized FF to such extent that people actually ask me what browser it is and how they should operate it. They suspect that it's Firefox overloaded with extensions and skins. I enjoy making fun of friends, so I tell them I don't use Firefox. I surf the web using my own special browser called... KoshmaFox. Those poor beings actually believe me...

Ok, jokes aside. Let me tell you what makes Firefox so great. And the answer is... extensions. People from all over the world are creating fantastic extensions day and night, waiting for you to download and use them. Also, bear in mind that those aren't only fellow users who can dedicate 5 minutes a week to development - there are companies devoted to creating extensions, and they give them away for free! Installation is trivial, just click a link and press ok. Managing extensions in FF is also very easy. Too good to be true? Wait, there's even more.

Extensions can do everything what normal Firefox can do. With so much power to use, there are no limitations of what can be done. You can change virtually every aspect of your browser, starting from little tiny details, to things that will blow your mind. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you might create your own extension... and then share it with others.

I believe that computer power users who want to control everything and have the best web surfing experience, should use Firefox and take time and effort to change it to maximize efficiency of browsing - and this applies especially to programmers. First easy step is to customize visible interface by moving frequently used things in handy places, and hide those unused, also ensuring that browser is neat and dandy. Some eye candy is worth having, especially if you like bragging to friends ;-)

Next step is to change actual functionality of Firefox, and the best way to do it, is to use extensions. But it's not that easy, you have to choose few exts from myriads of available, filter the bad ones out and find the best ones. It takes time and effort. Fortunately, there are people who did all the hard work already for you...

I'm extension freak myself, and here is the list of extensions that I'm using day after day and that I can recommend. They're free, easy to install, secure, no spyware, and offer big/small gains. Attested by Koshmaar :-) I've written this list when FF2 was latest Mozilla child and, unfortunately, some of the extensions aren't compatible with FF3, but with time hopefully authors will update them.


After clicking on the icon, extension will be installed. Clicking on the extension name will guide you to that extensions' homepage. I suggest to try them one at a time or you'll get overwhelmed by their number, forget which installed, which already tested and liked etc.

Have to have

Useful from time to time

Nice touches

Extensions from category make your firefox look more eye candy dandy and smaller functionality enhancements.


I'm not using those, but they look interesting and might be useful to you.
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